11 signs that show he likes you

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Knowing if someone loves you or not is simple, you just have to pay attention to the existence or lack of these signs.

When someone is interested in you, they will leave less distance between you than between other people with whom they interact, either when you talk, pass by you, greet you ...

Orientation of your body

The person interested in you will orient yourself to where you are with a zero angle. That is, placing their shoulders parallel with yours and with their toes pointing where you are even with other people, is a strong sign of attraction.

Positive gesture

In body language, if you touch your eyebrows with your fingers, it means that you liked something or you are having positive thoughts. If you see someone else who has touched his eyebrows every time he has seen you, he undoubtedly likes you, a lot.

Calls for no real reason

When a person likes you, they will call you for no real reason, for example, to ask you things they already know. If the person is smart enough, they will find a good reason to call you, and although they are apparently real reasons, if the frequency of calls increases, this will mean that they want something more from you.

Really happy

If he smiles while talking to you, even with a good reason to do so, it is another strong sign of attraction. On many occasions he will try to hide his smile, so as not to give himself away.

Smiles that last

A smile from someone who cares about you lasts longer than normal. It does not have to be a sign of love, but a sign of deep concern. Fake smiles fade quickly, while real smiles last twice or three times as long.

One of lime and one of sand

One day he appears as the most pleasant person in the world and the next day he ignores your presence, this is one of the clearest signs of attraction or love. This signal has a very simple explanation, at first the person shows a lot of interest because he likes you, but when he realizes that he has made too much effort and without receiving a response from you, he begins to regress in his way of acting and surrendering. So when you meet someone who is very nice one day and ice cold the next, look at the positive signs they have towards you and you will know their emotions.

Where, how and when

If you meet a person many times by coincidence, it is another sign. What seem like coincidences in reality are not, surely the person will change their habits and schedules to be able to coincide with you "by chance".


If he cares more about your friends and is nicer to them, he clearly likes you, especially if he / she has not shown interest before.

Canceled and reserved

If he is able to cancel one of his plans and dedicate it to you, he is very interested. Many people hide that they have canceled other plans so as not to give themselves away.

Always in your field of vision

To end these signs, the person who likes you will always try to stay within your field of vision and will continually check to make sure where you are.

This sign could play in the opposite direction, if a person does not stop looking into your eyes for long periods of time, it could say that they are no longer in love, since you would not provoke even a minimum of nerves.

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