Koldo Royo Restaurant

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Koldo Royo restaurant is located on the seafront of Palma. It is named after its famous chef, one of the most active on the Internet, with one of the most successful gastronomic portals on the Internet (www.afuegolento.com).

Through a webcam, you can access their cooking live in the restaurant itself. Its Basque cuisine is one of the benchmarks of quality in the Mallorcan capital. Koldo Royo was trained in the Basque excellence of Arzak, Casa Nicolasa ... and today his media coverage does not prevent him from developing a high-rise kitchen in the Mallorcan capital, supported by an excellent team. According to experts and specialized critics, its cuisine is located at the top of the capital. It has a Michelin star.

A very solid menu of fish and meat subject to its culinary art. There is no shortage of classic references to Basque cuisine adodabas in the style of Koldo Royo.

The restaurant recommends ordering desserts at the beginning of the meal. Mercedes Palmer impeccable in the restaurant room.

Google Maps address and phone
Av. IngenieroGabriel Roca, 3 (Pº Marítimo), 07014 Palma de Mallorca. Tel: 971 732 435
Chef: Koldo royo

Menu / Recommended dishes

Aubergine cannelloni and crayfish on fresh tomato. Monkfish log wrapped in black olives on smoked purrusalda. Grilled beef villagodio with baked potatoes and piquillo peppers. Chocolate souffle with ice cream cheese and roasted apple. Menu. Tasting menu.

Other data of interest: Closed Sunday, last week of November and first of December.

Koldo Royo Restaurant rating in gastronomy guides
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1 star8'751 Sun

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