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Basque jokes are usually boastful and a bit wild. It must be recognized that all could enter the Guinness of records. They are exaggerated jokes in which skill, food, drink, or strength are taken to impossible extremes. It doesn't matter whether they are from Bilbo (Bilbao), Donostia (San Sebastian) or Barakaldo ... We like the people of the Basque Country, but like the Galicians, the mexicansetc ... fame is fame.

A Basque man is fertilizing a strawberry field. A friend says to him: - What's up, Patxi?
- Here, shitting the strawberries.
- Aibalaoistia and you haven't tried cream, then? ...

Do you know why the toilet paper roll of the Basques is one meter more than that of the rest of the Spanish? - For the instructions for use.

This is a Basque who is in a bar and his friend enters and says: - Hello Patxi, have you bought a 600? - Yes, very recently and how do you know? - Púes, because you carry it as a backpack. - Ostia !!, ...

Do you know which is the best university in the world? - Deusto's, because they enter as Basques and leave as doctors, lawyers, economists ...

A plane of the 'Bilbo Air Lines', the only airline with pilots only from Bilbao (foreigners, "they don't need to") approaches Barajas Airport and notifies by radio ...
Bilbo Airlines: Attention, here I fly 013, with two balls ... you hear. We request a landing strip, you hear ... and shitting hosts, let's be fair, you hear ...
control tower: -Flight 013, received !. Use track number 7, but do not exhaust until the end, since that part of the track is under construction.
BilboAirlines: Ahivalahostia !! Don't worry kid, we are fromBilbo and we are perfectly capable of landing with half the runway, if necessary, or what do you think ?, Mandagüevosestos from Madrid ..... !!
As the plane begins the landing maneuver and they realize that the runway is much shorter than they had imagined. Desperate the pilots use all their resources, flaps extended to the top, speedbrakes, investment of jets ...
The runway ends and the wheels begin to puncture ... the landing gear turns to dust and the plane drags its fuselage across the ground ... Despite everything, the apparatus stops a few millimeters from the end of the runway (that's what Bilbo and the Athletic).
The Commander of the plane (Txomin Iruretalizaga), comments to the copilot, wiping his sweat ...:
- They'll be bastards, Patxi! Damn ... yes, the track was short !! ... and yet ... look how wide it is.
And the copilot look right, look left and say:
- Damn, Txomin ... ahivalahostia !! ... that you have landed at the
anchooo ... !!

Two locals meet on the street and one says to the other:
- Where you come from?
- Well, nothing that went to buy 300 cows, 300 oxen, 400 sheep and 30 tons of wood.
And the other says:
- Ostias if you mount the nativity scene soon this year.
- Joer, Patxi ... is that those of Bilbao are great, right?
- Aiba la ostia, but what the hell do you say about Bilbao, if you were born in Cuenca?
- Hey, Patxi, excuse me ... those of Bibao are born where we want to!

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