How to overcome jealousy

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4 Pquestions that will make you overcome jealousy

  • Jealousy is one of the main causes of relationship problems and of divorce.
  • Jealousy causes mental illness and emotional instability.
  • Jealousy is overcome.

Today's lifestyle causes jealousy problems to be one of the main reasons why couples go to psychological consultation.

  • Jealousy is a defense mechanism for the permanence of the relationship.
  • The problem appears when certain limits are exceeded, endangering the stability and well-being of the couple.
  • They are called irrational jealousy or sick jealousy.

Ask yourself these 4 questions and get over your irrational jealousy:

Comment on your experience or any questions you have about how to overcome jealousy. You already know that it is a pleasure for me to help you whenever you want and need it. Until next time and a huge hello, Andrea.

IMPORTANT: If you think you have a problem that you cannot solve yourself, do not hesitate to go to a Psychologist. You can access it through the Social Security Family Doctor, who will refer you to the specialist and will attend you for free.

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