Cancer And Leo Compatibility

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Cancer and Leo. Water + Fire

Cancer-Leo is a very compatible combination. Both Cancer and Leo have quite fragile egos, they are vulnerable and do not take criticism well, because they are easily offended. Both signs need affection and a lot of attention from their partner.

The enthusiastic and confident Leo could be the solution perfect for insecurity and lack of self-confidence CancerGiven Leo's ability to lift their spirits and make others feel better.

In turn, the loving approach and sensitive Cancer will make Leo feel loved. Many Cancerians and Leos, in fact, often know each other as work colleagues or classmates and develop their relationship from there.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and Cancer by the Moon. This is a classic combination in astrology: the Moon rules the feminine principles of sensitive and cultivated love and Leo rules the principles of the masculine, fiery, dynamic, and generally commanding aggression. The combination of these two principles leads to the process of creation and relationship between man and woman. This couple will have a strong karmic connection, by balancing the principles of masculine and feminine, which should lead to a very positive result.

However, the influence of the Moon causes many Cancerians to be moody and jump with ease, and this could deplete Leo's optimism and drive in the long run. On the other hand, Cancerians will find it difficult to accept Leo's arrogance and excessive security.

As to their sexual relations, they will be good and satisfying for both signs, especially if the combination is a Cancer woman and a Leo man.

See Cancer and sex and Leo and sex.

Fire heats water, creating steam, and water can smother and quench the fire of creativity. This interaction of elements occurs in the background of the Cancer / Leo combination. For a relationship of this type to be successful in the long term, it is vital that both let each other be as they are, without judging or trying to control them. In addition, Leos must soften their approach and avoid being overly bossy, while Cancerians must learn to be more independent and not need the continued approval of their partner.

The best Leos to mate with Cancer are those born between August 15 and 23 and the best Cancer for a Leo are those born between July 14 and 22.

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