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Anastasia is a feminine name derived from the Greek word "Anastasio" (Resurrection),its meaning is "The one who has has the strength to resurrect or raise"

History and the Saint

Saint Anastasia, lived at the end of the I century d. C., Christian martyr with Basilisa. Patrons of Rome. Noble origin, they convert to Christianity and disciples of the apostles. Pedro and San Paul.

During the fierce persecutions of Nero, Anastasia and Basilisa try to recover the bodies of Saint Peter and Saint Paul to give them a holy burial, recover their relics and remain faithful to their faith; but they are denounced and brought before the prefect, he gave them the opportunity to deny the accusations, but Anastasia and Basilisa confirmed their faith. They were severely punished, martyred, and then beheaded. Apollonia is the one who turns a palace into a church where the saint is seen and the relics are kept.

The celebrity of Saint Anastasia and Saint Basilisa is April 15

There are several Roman saints and martyrs with the name of Anastasia that are celebrated on different days of the saints:

  • Saint Anastasia, virgin was celebrated on September 9;
  • Saint Anastasia, virgin and martyr on October 28
  • Saint Anastasia, martyr on December 25

Variant of Anastasia:

  • Anastasia male Anastasio

Anastasiain other languages:

  • Catalan: Anastàsia;
  • French: Anastasie;
  • English: Anstase, Anstice; diminutive: Stacia, Stacie, Stacy;
  • Italian: Anastasia.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Anastasia:

  • Anastasia Nikolayevna Romanova, was born in 1901, daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia
  • Anastassia Espinel Souares, was born in Russia in the year 1970, a novelist, wrote about historical events in international magazines.

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