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What is motivation?

Psychologists define motivation as the need that activates and directs our behavior to a certain goal. This goal encompasses anything that activates and directs our behavior to achieve that goal, whether it be eating, playing a soccer game, reaching the objectives that we have set ourselves for a certain job, etc ...

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How to motivate yourself?

It is true that to finish something successfully you need two things: effort and perseverance.
However, there are situations in which one, despite striving and being constant in what he is trying to achieve, loses the motivation to achieve it.
Demotivation can occur for several reasons:

  • Lack of self confidence
  • absence of a defined objective to meet
  • absence of a strategy to meet the proposed objective.

All these reasons are related to each other: low self-confidence causes that a clear goal to be achieved is not established, which this lack of objective leads to not being able to develop a strategy to achieve it.

Believe in yourself

It does not matter how many times you have not succeeded, or that you have not always achieved the objectives you have set for yourself; there are always opportunities for you to re-test your potential. Yes, it is true, sure that sometimes things have not turned out the way you wanted, but I bet there have been even more occasions when they have turned out even better than you originally expected. What stops you from doing it again?

Set yourself a clear and defined goal

Without the existence of a clear and defined objective, all the effort you are using will be meaningless, since you do not know how close or far you are to achieve it, since even you do not know for sure what it is. If you have a detailed objective, you will know how to handle it to get the best result from it.

Come up with a strategy

It is not enough to know what your goal is and want to achieve it, it is also essential to know how to do it. Strategy is something that only you know how to plan, since no one knows you better than yourself. What skills do I have to achieve it? What tools do I need to develop to achieve this? What tactic will be more efficient with the resources I have? These are questions you should ask yourself before proceeding to meet your goal. They will help you to be realistic, effective and productive with the result.

Tips to motivate yourself

  • Always remember what you are doing what you are doing
  • Always keep in mind the benefits of the goal you have set for yourself
  • Never throw in the towel
  • If there are times when the situation gets the better of you, put it away until you are willing to give 100% of yourself
  • Don't let anyone underestimate you
  • Trust your good judgment to get things done

But above all rememberIt doesn't matter if you fall eight times, as long as you get up nine.

Do you feel unmotivated and don't know how to regain motivation? Have you also found a way to motivate yourself and want to share it? Do you have children and you don't know how to motivate teenagers? Is there a project that brings you up and you don't know if Will you be able to achieve the expectations that you have proposed? Share any doubts, problems or questions you have by leaving your comment, together we will try to find the best solution.
A greeting and a hug. Until next time, Andrea.

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