The maxi earrings, the accessory of the season

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If there is a trend that has not gone unnoticed during the last editions of Fashion Week in the main fashion capitals, it is without a doubt the maxi earrings or XL earrings. Thousands of it girls They have worn different designs, making them the star accessory of the season.

This trend has been going strong for several seasons, but now it is reinventing itself so that you can play with sizes and combine larger ones with smaller ones. Of all shapes and sizes, loaded with fantasy, with fringes and rhinestones, geometric and vintage, with tropical or more classic colors; in short, they are capable of raising any boring look to the top and turn it into another outfit trendy.

Wear them both day and night. During the day with simpler garments and at night with more striking garments. This summer, opt for the most colorful and striking, and leave the simplest for winter.

Here we show you the types of maxi earrings that are sweeping among the outfits of the best known bloggers and some ideas to combine them and completely lift a boring or serious look. You will certainly be the queen wherever you go.

Maxi hoops + basic




Fantasy + basics


Mini + maxi

Via: Zara

Full color fringes


Geometric shapes XL


Sporty look + maxi earrings


Full color

Via: Zara

This season you no longer have an excuse to find the one that best suits your style.

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