Environment and Motivation

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I like to be motivated !!! (Child's point of view)

Hello again ... this is Andy again. I will confess that I do not like to do my homework, I prefer to play soccer, Play, gawk at the TV, listen to music, play with my brother, walk my dog

I know that it is very important to study, go to school, do my homework and that I have to make an effort. I have a problem with my habits. I need my parents to help me.

Me and my friends

I don't like being among the worst in my class. I want to be among the best. I like to help others, my colleagues ... give them advice, apart from playing and having fun. I want to be a good student !!

I also like that they help me: sometimes I help, other times they help me. I help those who know less than I and ask for help from those who know more.

I enjoy more when I play, if I have done well in class.

My teachers and me

I don't want my teachers to catch me, when I do it well they congratulate me and everything goes better (less punishments), they are more friendly with me and I have noticed that they support me more.

I strive to apply the advice of an older student on how to get along with my teachers.

Positive and negative things about me

  1. My parents worry if I go wrong. They beat me up a lot and get hard on me (sometimes they punish me, there is no TV, no mobile ...)
    They don't really leave me alone. Just for not hearing them, I start to study ... What if at lunch, at dinner, when I'm calm watching TV ... When I'm most comfortable, zasss! the beating that if I'm failing, they cut me and I have to study when I least feel like it.
  2. I rest when I hear that I have passed or I have gotten good grades. I jump for joy !!! My parents good faces, awards .... ummmm everything is going to be better.
  3. My father has explained to me what will happen to me when I grow up if I don't study. I will have less chance of working on what I like ... I would like to be a doctor or what my dad does ... But if I don't get good grades I won't be able to, I may have to work on things that I like much less.
  4. Studying is fun if you work harder. I start to like mathematics or knowledge of the environment when you master it.
  5. I feel great if I do it right.

But sometimes I get careless and make mistakes:

  1. I suspend, but I would like to learn from my failures.
  2. I lack the capacity for effort and perseverance in studying.
  3. I am a master at wasting time.
  4. Classes bore me.
  5. Although I am willing to never give up and I would like my teachers and my parents to help me in my plans to study.

I trust you liked it ... I'll wait for you in my Cole.

See you soon again.

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