Aquarius - Libra Compatibility

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How do Aquarius and Libra get along?

Aquarius + Libra = Air + Air

The compatibility between Libra and Aquarius is excellent

Both signs are sociable, they love to talk and enjoy meetings and social events. They are both very outgoing and often have many friends. You both like independence and so it will not be a problem to give and enjoy some freedom within your relationship.

Both signs are very loving

The difference is that Aquarius tends to give or distribute their affection among many people and causes, while the type of love that Libra feels is much more personal.

Both are air signs and this favors communication and affinity.

A Libra-Aquarius couple will spend hours and hours talking and will find many common points in: music, art, theater and culture in general.

The attraction between Libra and Aquarius is usually instantaneous

Both Aquarius and Libra enjoy giving, and neither of them will demand much of their partner.

Libras love the creativity and initiative of Aquarians, and Aquarians will respect the balanced and harmonious way of being of Libras.

Libra will be able to use his persuasive skills to achieve a difficult level of commitment for Aquarius, but he has everything going for him to achieve it. Libra will bring creativity to the couple and Aquarius the decision necessary to develop it.

Friendship between Aquarius and Libra

Thanks to their many common interests, Aquarius and Libra They are not only compatible as a couple, but also as friends.

Libra represents elegance, has a lot of style and know how to be, which attracts Aquarius a lot. Aquarius represents strength and stability, but he is also an adventurer and a pioneer, two elements that are irresistible to Libra.

Difficulties that can arise between Aquarius and Libra

Possible difficulties that can arise if Aquarius brings out his most critical side, because Libra is much more sensitive and will hurt him. You will not understand very well the ability of an Aquarius to be alone and could take it as not loving him enough. But thanks to his great understanding, if Aquarius explains things to him patiently, the relationship would not be in danger.

On the other hand, Libra tends to be more emotionally demanding, which could suffocate an Aquarius who will have to learn to be more romantic than he is used to. Libra's diplomatic skills and tolerance will make Aquarius change. And the tenacity and strength of Aquarius are good complements to the indecision or instability of Libra.

In love

Libra is much more romantic than Aquarius, but since both signs are very generous and open to trying new sensations, this would facilitate the intimate relationship. Libra will be more interested in formalizing a serious relationship, than Aquarius. The Aquarius-Libra couple is usually more compatible, for a long-term relationship, especially when both have already lived experiences with other couples. See: Aquarius and Sex, Libra and Sex.

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