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We have always associated hair color with being smart or not, and blondes always get the worst of it, even though they won't even notice it… well these jokes are especially for them.


  • How many blonde jokes are there? - Three, the others are authentic stories.
  • Tell me blonde: What does this chemical formula H2O + CO + CO correspond to? -Well, I'm not that gross either .. that's coconut water.
  • What is a blonde dyed black? ... artificial intelligence.
  • What does a blonde mean by "safe sex"? -Close the car door.
  • How can you keep a blonde entertained? - You give her a piece of paper that says “turn me over” on both sides
  • A blonde screaming -Help my car was stolen. A man approaches and says: 4 x4? -Mmmmmm 16…. but now help me find my car.
  • The curtain opens and you can see a blonde who wants to curl her hair and goes to a hairdresser but it is closed. the curtain closes. How is the movie called? Ah! as you can
  • What is a blonde's favorite phrase? ... "I don't know."
  • What is the name of a blonde in a house of higher studies? -Visitor.
  • Two blondes decide to play a game of chess.
  • One asks the other: - What, do you have the rules in your head? - Why? My nose bleeds?
  • How does a blonde drown? -Putting a mirror at the bottom of a pond.
  • A blonde talking to her friend: I don't know what happens with Facebook, she tells me: her password is "wrong", so I put wrong but it won't open !!!!
  • Two blondes go to the forest to find a tree for Christmas. After two hours of searching, one says to the other: - Well, enough is enough! The next tree we see, we take it, whether or not it has Christmas balls!
  • What do a bottle of beer and a blonde have in common? -Both are empty from the neck up.
  • What are 10 blondes standing ear to ear?… A wind tunnel.
  • In a demonstration of blondes, all of them are singing… “Blondes are not stupid, Blondes are not stupid, the R, the U, the…. MMM…. Blondes are not stupid !!!!!!!! "
  • Why does a blonde always close the door of a church when leaving or entering?… So that the Ave Maria does not escape.

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