Mobile browsing outperforms desktop for the first time

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Mobile devices (smart mobile phones and tablets) are already used more than desktops to surf the Internet globally, according to the web analytics firm StatCounter.

Since 2009, mobile browsing has been on the rise, while desktop browsing has declined. Finally, in October, according to the latest data from StatCounter, mobile devices have taken the lead with 51.3%, compared to 48.7% for desktop computers.

The news should alert small businesses and companies, since many of them still do not have websites adapted for mobile browsing.

“Mobile compatibility is increasingly important, not only because of the increasing traffic, but because Google favors mobile websites in its mobile search results“Says Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter.

In fact, Google has released the free TestMySite tool for companies to check the performance of their mobile websites.

However, Despite the fact that the growing trend of mobile browsing is widespread throughout the world, there are slight variations between countries, so that desktop browsing is still slightly ahead in some regions. For example, in the UK, where desktop browsing still accounts for 55.6%; in the USA, where it represents 58%; or Australia, with 55.1%, according to StatCounter.

Too is the case of Spaina, where desktop browsing represented 55.6% in October, compared to 44.40% for mobile browsing.

As for the places where mobile browsing triumphs, India stands out especially, with 78.81% of mobile browsing, compared to 21.18% of desktop browsing.

Mobile browsing also outperforms desktop in China, with 54.63%.

You can check the statistics by country at this link.

In any case, the global trend is clear and mobile browsing is increasing around the world steadily and rapidly, so it's most likely only a matter of time before the balance tips in your favor around the world.

Source: StatCounter

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