Google announces that its quantum computer works

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Google seems to have finally achieved what so many have been trying for years: a "quantum computer" that works and it has proven in tests to be faster and more powerful than a conventional computer.

Governments and leading companies in the field of computing, such as Microsoft, IBM or Google have been trying for years to develop what is known as "quantum computers", computers that organize information according to the strange rules of quantum mechanics and use qubits (or quantum bits) instead of bits. The reason? It is believed that these types of computers will be able to solve some of the most complex problems of traditional computing and will be fundamental in the field of artificial intelligence.

Now the Researchers from Google's artificial intelligence laboratory claim that the controversial machine that the company acquired in 2013 from the startup Canadian D-Wave Systems really works. According to their statements, the computer uses quantum physics to work with a type of mathematics fundamental to artificial intelligence and, in the tests carried out, it has proven to be much faster than a conventional computer.

The computer is housed in the facilities of NASA's Ames Research Center, located in Mountain View, California; and handles the data using a superconducting quantum annealing processor at a temperature close to absolute zero. These processors are coded with a mathematics known as the quantum tempering algorithm, suitable for the so-called "optimization problems", so common in artificial intelligence software and machine-learning.

The machine, announced at the time by D-Wave Systems as “the
first commercial quantum computer ”, has been very controversial in
recent years and numerous scientists have openly shown their
skepticism about her
As until now, no one had been able to conclusively demonstrate that the device could use quantum physics to outperform a conventional computer.

However, this week, Hartmut Neven, director of Google's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Los Angeles, said that his researchers have finally been able to present firm evidence that the machine works and is faster and more powerful than a computer conventional single processor.

“For a specific, carefully designed proof-of-concept problem, we have recorded a speed 100 million times fasterNeven pointed out.

Google has published the research paper in which it describes its results so that experts can consult all the details of the procedure and the tests carried out.

In any case, Be cautious, as your work has not yet been peer reviewed. In addition, Neven has also pointed out that the results could vary depending on the algorithm that the conventional machine uses, that is, the use of another algorithm could lead to very different results.

However, the discovery is still important and, if confirmed, it would be a breakthrough in the field of quantum computing.

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