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Thomas Cook offers Sony PSP in flight

Thomas Cook Airlines has revealed that it plans to offer passengers the possibility of renting PSP consoles during flights.

The devices, available for £ 7.50 each per flight, will replace the airline's current inflight entertainment system and allow customers to access games, movies and television shows on select short and medium-haul flights.

Users will also have 5-pound wired headphones, so that the device can be shared among multiple passengers.

The change comes after Thomas Cook Airlines CEO Ian Derbyshire claimed that only a tenth of passengers use the company's current entertainment system.

Derbyshire explained that the PSP is the most popular and best-selling handheld console in the world and that the company hopes it will be successful with adults and children alike.

Thomas Cook's plans are similar to the move recently taken by low-cost carrier easyJet, which in April also began renting Sony consoles to passengers for the same price.

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