Wine and love

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Wine and Love is one of Andrés Bello's classics. Here we leave you one of the fragments to enjoy the poetry and rhyme of Bello, where to enjoy the rhythm that the art of literature gives us.

-Winged son of Dione,
don't scold me, don't get mad,
if I tell you to enjoy them
I am not tempted by those poor
that they keep prisons.

Sorcerers, who denies it?
They are Filena's eyes;
but look how the nectar
delicious wood
in the glass sparkles.

You promise good dance;
but do you do it? Good jewelery!
From the fools you draw,
some carry pumpkins;
others live in hope;
which complains of inconstancy;
which one in jealousy oh! it burns.
Merry Bacchus, you are not deceiving.

Makes the wine marvels;
hopes revives;
gives coward courage;
to the rude, how it inspires
Though greedily growling at her,
you break the piggy bank.
And another thing, that to your file
There are no secrets to resist

Unhappy lovers
through the jungles and gardens
they are always hiding;
head down they cry, moan;
but, how another who serves you!
kind god of the vines.
Companion perceives
may they participate in their joy.
They sing, they drink, they boil, they laugh.

-Mas Filena, doesn't it move you?
- Winged boy, go, go.
-Your innocent looks,
your kind wriggles ...
-Aren't you leaving, pimp? ...
-Her cheeks, which seem
fresh roses among snows ...
-Cupidillo, don't tempt me.

-Only now on the street
he walks through the sauces,
and the evening shadows
they are spreading through the valley.
And a certain lover follows her
what a machine to undo you.

-Tirsi perhaps?
-You said it.
-Hey, wait, I'm still yacht.
Comrades, I am retiring.
I fly to see you, my owner.

Andres Bello "Poetry"

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